Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Get out....go to school! Please!

The kids go back to school on August 22nd!

As you know...that is a MAJOR HOLIDAY for parents!

I am practicing my Happy Dance...not that I need the practice.  I have been doing it in my head for weeks now!

Sadly, the last 2 days....I am just done with the kids being home.  They are bored.  It's NASTY hot outside and Nash is getting prickly heat all over his body.  And...honestly....I am sick of their faces!  I would love 5 minutes to myself!  I went into the bathroom the other day...just to "have a moment".  Then I see the boys feet!  I scream....OMG!  GO AWAY!  And now...the girl is joining in.  Really???  You are almost 15 years old!  Do you have to watch me sit on the toilet???

Yesterday...I relished the hours I spent at school copying the Back to School letter to parents from our PTO  I sat in the Teacher's Lounge and enjoyed the conversations with other adults.  Altho they are teachers and are not as happy as I am about school starting.

So, officially....tomorrow it will be a week!  ONE WEEK!

So, Lord...protect my babies....'cuz I do love them more than life itself!  But, I have a shipment of stun guns and pepper spray for my new direct sell company arriving in days and I would hate to have to practice on them  :)

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