Friday, August 10, 2012

have you done direct sales yet???

I did an event tonight as Errand Girl and Party Favors by EG at Ironstone Vineyards in Murphy's, CA.  It was called a "Girls Night Out"...I had a blast!  Lots of direct sale vendors and a few local artists.  I got to meet a ton of nice women!

And...I do love to talk!

Anyway...I have been thinking about doing a direct sale company.  But, nothing has really spoken to me. My hubby signed me up to win a free spa....and I bought BeautyControl.  Not intentionally to sell. 

I have looked at Grace Adele purses....I buy my purses at Target...the same style for years.  Altho...their purses are GORGEOUS!  And I would really like to do Jamberry, the vinyl nail shields.  I had full intention of buying into that company...TONIGHT!  But, she was not there!
In the caves of Ironstone Vineyards

I sat next to lady by the name of Rae Davis, selling Damsel in Defense.  Wow!  Cool company, I think I could work it with my own business because it is a woman product that is right for the times.  And who wouldn't love a pink stun gun????

So, thinking about....what would I do best at.

I have even thought...the last time I saw this company...of hosting a party at school!  It would be great!

Think I made my decision!

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