Sunday, August 5, 2012

driving lessons

My baby drove a car today.

OK, I let her sit behind the wheel, with it in park and take her foot off the brake...a lot!  She did circles and figure 8's in the parking lot.  And when she couldn't go forward I let her put it in reverse and go backwards.

She was so excited!

I wanted her first experience to be something she will never forget!  Something she can look at with great joy...........not wondering WTF?

I don't remember much of my first experience except it was awful.  My step-Dad took me out and made me sit in the driver's seat of the car.  He told me to start it.  I had no idea how?  He told me to put my foot on the brake and start the car.  When I asked which one was the brake...he was horrified.  He was calm but I was clueless.

I was never taught anything...just expected to know.  How to drive, how to cook, how to do everything.

But, my step-Dad was a good teacher once he got that I had no clue.  He taught me how to drive at over 100 miles an hour...because he said that I would so I should learn HOW to do it.  I learned to go super fast and slam on the brakes and spin out.  He was a new car lot manager in Las Vegas.  He always had some kind of new car that he drove off the lot.  I got to drive a 1979 Corvette...FAST! 

Other things happened other than driving but that was a part of my life at the time.  Still not sure what was worse...driving knowing that eventually, I would be putting out or driving with my Mom in car screaming to the top of her lungs how awful I was.

And when I finally got my license...exactly on the 16th birthday, God...I was horrible!  But, I never killed anyone.  I dented a lot of other cars!  LOL  And I did kinda hit someone.  But, I was told by the officer that it was the guys fault.  Pedestrians do not have the right of way in Las Vegas.  So, when I went to make a right turn and he was in the crossing walk...he should have been paying attention.  Not flailing onto my hood  :)

she does not look ready to be driving!  She can't even stay off the floor!
As a parent...I am not ready for my baby to be driving.  Being out there where I can't protect her.  Nope...not ready at all!

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