Saturday, July 23, 2011

Garbage trucks & cans


Really strange!

For the last I guess 6 months....we have had this obsession in my house.  Garbage day.

Normally Nash would not acknowledge the noise outside on garbage day.  If he heard something he would have run in the house.  That boy has always hated loud sounds.

If Hubby forgot to take out the garbage cans on garbage day....I would be responsible for them.   I would ask for help...but, you know what that is like.

Then one day....we got home right before the garbage truck came by.

Nash didn't fall instantly in love.  But, he watched.

The truck would pull would jump down, grab our cans, dump them and be on their way.  It was not a big deal....until......

they updated their trucks!

Now, the truck stops...a huge arm comes out and grabs the can.  Flings it in the air, dumps the trash and places the can back in the same spot.!

And then...he figured out...he was big enough to move the cans himself.


Now, this was back in March, 2011.

Oh see the determination on his face????

We have a slanted driveway.  He moves our garbage cans....probably 50 times a day.  You never know where they are going to be.

Yes, I have run over them because sometimes he parks them behind my van.

This drives my Hubby NUTS!

I keeps him busy.

The other day....I wanted to do something special for him because I was taking his sister to a concert that night and NOT him.  So, I had to pay our garbage, I thought I would pay it in person.

Something to do, he could see the garbage would be fun.

Well....when we got there....the office lady was so nice.  I told her all about Nash and his obsession.  And how he really wants a smaller garbage can.....but, we produce too much garbage so we need the bigger can.  Nash had the 3 women in that office captivated!

When finally I could pull him away to of the women called out to us and offered Nash a present.

A mini garbage can.

He announced that this was the best day of his life!

He has barely stopped playing with the can...and his garbage truck toy.  He can spend hours in the liing room making garbage stops and loading the can on his truck.

The pure joy!

Now, I find myself on the web...looking for more cans...more garbage trucks.

My boy....I sure do love him!

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