Tuesday, July 26, 2011

growing up

I am pairing up with Mama's Losin' It this week.  Enjoy the read.  Topic this week...when did you realize your child was growing up....or something like that  :)

This has been a topic in my house for the last year.

My baby.....will be starting high school in 3 weeks.

OMG!  3 weeks!

This is killing me!

ballet class at the age of three

When I think of my Sophie...this is who I think of.

She was cute and adorable and thought I could do anything!

I offered her $500 to NOT graduate...but, if she felt she had to...I put this sticker on my car.

This is who I have now........

She is almost 14 years old and going to be a Freshman in high school.

How in the Hell did this happen????

Folks.....she has body parts!  She is taller than I am.  And I have had to have the talk with her about mowing the who-ha area........and don't ever have SEX the facts of life.

I have devoted many blogs to her growing up.

About how I would do anything to hold her back just one more year.  The prayers I have prayed to anyone that would just make time stop for just a few minutes so that I can catch my breath and get ready for this!

Yesterday I got a packet in the mail from the high school.  I sat right down at the table and cried.  Sophie came in and was worried.  I showed her what came in the mail...she looked at me and said...I am sorry Mom...but, I am going to high school and there is nothing you can do about it.

CRACK!  That is my heart breaking...breaking I tell you!

For those that are reading this and you have little children running around the house.  Get up and grab them right now!  Put them in a ziplock baggie and place them in the freezer.  I know it sounds cruel now but in a couple of years....you will wish you had done this.  Because that is the only thing that will stop them from growing up and breaking your heart.

Because the day you see that they are on their way out of your life....it's too late.  They won't fit in the baggie.  And they will look at you funny when you beg them to just go back to the days when they were twirling on the floor at ballet class because it was funner to twirl on the ground than on their toes.

Oh...what I wouldn't give for one more year of princesses, dress up, clothing that never quite matched and shoes that smelled so bad because she loved them so much she never took them off.

I miss that girl.  I love the girl I have now....but, I miss the little girl. 

She is the most amazing creature that I have ever known...and I made her.  

She is the best part of me...and her Dad.  

She is my future....but, I miss her past.


Patty Ann said...

I have been through this myself. My oldest is in her thirties and my baby is going into 5th grade. I have to admit that I miss the past, but I have learned to cherish the future with them. There is nothing quite like when your child becomes an adult and chooses you for a friend. Visiting from Mama Kat's.

Arnebya said...

So more of this to come, huh? This is how I'm feeling at the start of middle school w/my oldest. Just out of sorts and wishing for more time, to turn back the clock just a little bit. There are things I've forgotten, things I want to remember and preserve and just feel them slipping away. She's only 10 but the body parts are there, the sex talk is coming (before school starts, actually), the period has arrived UGH! Just make it stop.

Alex said...

I feel your pain... and my son is only 3 :/..

Your daughter is beautiful and you should be proud :)