Wednesday, July 13, 2011

mid-July and nice weather???

I don't know where you live but here in Sonora....July is a killer.

We live in the foothills in northern California and most, great weather.  Wrong!

Starting now....we are hitting over 100 many days and on those lucky days....110.  Thats why we bought one of those put up yourself pools.  Its awesome!

Its deep enough to swim and play with the kids....and really cool off!

Best money ever spent!  EVER!

Our grandson Elliot, 3
So, now we are having a week of high 70's and mid 80's.  I am telling you...this is HEAVEN!  When last week...when we were sitting in the sunny side of the field at a baseball was 104 and we were dying!

But, I would take this weather every day!

And Mr. Nash will still get in the pool...altho, I may not.
Our son Nash with Elliot.

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