Friday, July 8, 2011

What to do....what to do

  • I love Errand Girl
  • Not ever been a money maker of a business but did exactly what I wanted it to do.
  • Should have aimed higher maybe.
  • When the economy was hit.....
  • so was I.
  • I was doing gangbusters.....
  • then I was the first one cut out of the budgets of my clients.
  • But, I was expendable
  • ...I wasn't groceries, 
  • or gas
  • or clothing
  • I made your life easier
  • and you gave me the ability to have freetime to raise my kids and do all of my volunteer work.
  • So, 
  • what to do now???
  • Honestly....
  • I have a couple of small clients that I LOVE!
  • and I can hold on for a while with them.
  • But, I lost my financier client.
  • Not, that I really was making money when you look at the books.
  • With all that was going out to support this client
  • gas, insurance, wear & tear...and having to BEG to get paid in a timely manner
  • and at the end of a 2 year contract....
  • when gas prices were much LOWER
  • Pretty sure I am not losing anything really.
  • Hubby and I have been talking about this possibility for the last couple of months.
  • I saw the writing on the wall.
  • Hubby did not.
  • So, I started pushing other aspects of my business and branching out.
  • It's still a tough economy and people are still holding on to their money.
  • I can ride it out.....
  • and stop spending.
  • The money never went into the family budget....
  • just my mad money  :)
  • Oh....I love mad money.
  • I have a lot of cool toys because of mad money  :)
  • I have always been very financially independent.
  • Probably because I waited so long before I ever got married and had a family.
  • We still have separate bank accounts.
  • We tried to join them.....
  • I am a check writer and don't count on what the bank account says today
  • He is not...instant gratification for him.
  • So, separate is better for my sanity.
  • We have each others names on each others accounts, except my business account...
  • I touch mine...he touches his......
  • Unless I need money....then I touch his  :)  
  • But, he NEVER, EVER touches my accounts.
  • So, maybe I am really facing loss of Independence????
  • That's Hubby's guess.
  • I think he is right.
  • Damn that man sometimes  LOL
  • But, I have not worked in a real job since Sophie was born.
  • Most don't know.....
  • I used to be a real person...
  • I have done amazing jobs in the past....there is NOTHING I CAN'T DO
  • I used to be an addictions therapist....we had our own practice.
  • And I was the Program Manager for CASA...Court Appointed Special Advocates
  • I was all that...and a bag of chips  :)
  • then I became a Mom
  • I was an artist for a long time....selling my wares.  Things I have built, painted or made.
  • I owned a soap and bath products business.
  • I made soap the old fashioned way...with lye.
  • all of my bath products were my own creation.
  • the was the original mad money
  • as you know.....I was mad  LOL
  • and I needed money to raise Sophie and keep my hands busy  :)
  • So, I am going to look at working for someone else.....
  • or not.
  • I am going to clip coupons...and see how that extreme couponing thing works.
  • So really is fascinating stuff!
  • I am going to push my business and really focus as best as I can.
  • I am going to school get all I need to be a certified Wedding Planner.
  • I love this!
  • I am an entrepreneur at heart!
  • I like my own rules and schedule.
  • So, if you have an idea...let me know.
  • If you know someone that could benefit from all of my skills.....let me know that too!
  • If you want to go to coffee???  Let me know that too!
  • so, things are up in the air...
  • I do hate change  :)

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Fi said...

Found you via Mogul Mom.

Don't hate change. It brings us so much.

I was always very independent and supported myself financially until I had children and then it all got thrown in with the mix.

I have a home business which makes a small amount of money but I love what I do.

Keep at it. You've done and are doing so much. Long may it continue.