Sunday, July 31, 2011

back to school shopping for Sophie

Kill me....kill me now!

I always know when it is time....Sophie starts talking about how she has nothing to wear.  Even tho I have bought her many tops over the summer...and the dreaded bathing suit.  But, she needs pants.

I would much rather take a beating than take Sophie shopping.  It's awful!

My daughter is curvy.  She does not want to be curvy.  And she wants to wear the same clothes that other teens wear....that just don't fit.

Skinny jeans on a curvy girls equals disaster.  She will have muffin tops and look hideous. 

I am not a skinny person...I have been where she is today.  I have had to make peace with my curves and not wearing what others can wear.  I even had to make my own clothing while growing up because my Mom hated to shop and it was easier to put me in stretch pants with the seams down the front or toss me a pattern and ugly fabric so that I could make my own clothing.

But, when my daughter puts on the clothing that I know won't fit...and goes into the dressing room....I would do anything to make the pain stop.  But, she has to come to terms with this....she will face it forever.

Dressing room are actually designed by Nazi's as a new form a torture.  Clothing is now made in countries where they have no food so they have no idea what a curve it and every picture my daughter has to look at in a magazine has been airbrushed so that the person doesn't even resemble itself.

I told her this morning....
  1. Put on a happy face.  
  2. Look at your body with open eyes....see what is really there.  
  3. Don't buy clothes to fit the imaginary body you have fabricated in your head.
  4. It doesn't matter what the tag says the size is....its how it fit.
  5. If it fits will look good.
  6. Don't look at what is in fashion...look at what is flattering.
  7. You are not the tag size....we can cut it out and you can be any size you want to be.
  8. You are beautiful.
  9. You are built like a pear.
  10. I am sorry you don't have boobs....
  11. I will buy you chicken cutlets for your bra.
  12. I never had boobs until I was 19...and had to stuff my bra with tube socks or tissue.
  13. You have an Italian butt and my hips.
  14. There are girls in other countries that would give anything to have your ass.
  15. There are people in this country that are having implants to get your ass.
  16. You always want what you don't have...always.
  17. You are the most beautiful girl.
  18. You are smart, funny, beautiful....and amazing!
  19. You are so much more than your individual parts.
  20. I understand and will do whatever I can to make this ok.
  21. Just PLEASE work with me.
  22. I am not your enemy!
  23. I am your Mom and love you more than words can say.
So, soon....I will walk into the store and pray that it ends swiftly, isn't terribly painful and that we can both still love each other.

Wish me luck!

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