Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I gotta a new computer...list

  1. I have been thinking awhile about getting a new computer
  2. Hubby goes thru computers fast
  3. Maybe I am like Hubby #1
  4. When he died....I had to find a home for his 8-track player....and tapes!
  5. He was NOT that old.
  6. Today...he would be 51
  7. Ok...so, I am not as bad as Hubby #1
  8. But, I am not a fan of change.
  9. I loved my computer...but, it was getting slow
  10. I knew I had a lot of stuff on it
  11. And was always adding more photos....
  12. More digital scrapbook kits.....
  13. More business graphics....
  14. and business tools  :)
  15. So, I told Hubby...I would get one after our vacation.
  16. He has been biting at the bit!
  17. I told him I was really close the other day....
  18. He had already done research
  19. He showed me the computer I was going to buy....
  21. But, he is Mr. Meticulous!
  22. So, I would not have picked this computer....
  23. I looked at a few packages...you know...monitor & tower.
  24. I am NOT a lap top gal...no, no!
  25. I like my desktop
  26. So, anyway...I show him what I am think about...$700 max
  27. Hubby....likes new...likes power
  28. He threw out things like he knew what he was talking about
  29. I must admit....he was convincing.
  30. And after I went behind his back and looked at what he was talking about
  32. I am so glad he does not read my blog.
  33. I never let him know when he is right.
  34. So, we went with a stand alone tower and a monitor....not a package deal
  35. It was more than I wanted to spend
  36. so, I put it on HIS credit card  :)
  37. WOW!
  38. I took my old tower with us to shop.
  39. I dodn't want to pretend I know a whole bunch about computers....I don't
  40. I wanted to buy it....
  41. pay them to set it up....
  42. and transfer all of my stuff to the new computer.
  43. Well...the Geek Squad doesn't do that anymore
  44. But, they will put all of your stuff on an external hard drive.
  45. COOL!
  46. they called for me to go in and pick up my computers today.
  47. Oh, I was so excited....
  48. I was having withdrawals!
  49. When I got there....
  50. The new one was done....but, not the old one.
  51. Hey....I live up the hill.
  52. Its an hour drive to get to you.
  53. What's the deal?????
  54. After lots of searching and getting the manager because they DID call and tell me to come....
  55. They admit...they screwed up........
  56. Kind of.......
  57. My old computer is taking longer than THEY had anticipated
  58. and I was faster than THEY anticipated  :)
  59. the manager told me that I had over 90 GIGS of stuff that I requested to download.
  60. OK???????
  61. I have no idea what that means.
  62. He said your husband said you had MAYBE 5 GIGS.
  63. Silly Hubby......
  64. The manager explained how much 90 gigs is.....
  65. WOW!
  66. I knew I had a lot of stuff.
  67. Guess that's why it was slowing down  :)
  68. And why....its taking SO LONG to download my stuff  :)
  69. I have photos from the last 8 years
  70. and
  71. I am a digital scrapbooker
  72. and
  73. did I say photos?
  74. I like the multi photo taking button so I can get the right shot.
  75. And I take a photo of every scrapbook page I make.
  76. and my business is an online digital craft making business....
  77. so, I have a lot of graphics  :)
  78. Ok....
  79. I really needed a new computer with a HUGE memory!
  80. and another external hard drive one dedicated to business and one to personal.
  81. I will be glad to get my STUFF back......
  82. soon  :)

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