Sunday, July 17, 2011

love the relaxing weekends....

First of all...let me just say that I have 2 children at home. 

A 5 year old boy & 13 year old girl....both are on the verge of moving up a year.....both are home this summer....and both are driving me crazy!

But....weekends are different.

As soon as Hubby walks in the door on Friday afternoon....I am knocked down to the 3rd position in the family.  I love it! 

When the boy was first born and in an emergency....I am #1!!!!  But, not anymore.  When I noticed this...I was a little hurt.  He is my baby....I should be #1 in his life.

  • I am only needed now when Daddy is not home....only if Sis is no where to be found or hiding in her room.
  • there is blood
  • there is a need for food or drink that is not water from the dispenser
  • he needs something behind a door that is locked or too high for him to reach
  • he is bored and Sis is no where to be found or NOT answering her door.
  • I am the only one left.
  • he needs kisses & hugs and tucked into bed.
  • he wants to swim and no one else will swim with him
Other than that....I am #3

I am getting OK with this.  Because now...on the weekends....I am free!  I putter around the house, hide in my scrapbook room, watch wedding shows or scrapbook shows....I can do pretty much anything...even walk out the door to go shopping. 


I know I should be sad...but, I am not.  I was.  But, I am enjoying it.  It may change...but's pretty nice! an easy mark for the manipulator....A.K.A. the boy.  He actually lets the boy dictate what to do.  I do not.  I had a serious talk with Hubby many weeks ago and threatened him living under a bridge if he didn't stand up for himself with the boy.  He tried....until he saw that I was not going to follow thru.  And the reason I am not following thru.....

peaceful weekends.

I have to be big, bad Mommy all week long.  And sometimes on the weekend I have to bring the hammer down on the boy when I have had enough and see that it is becoming a mountain thing...not a mole hill thing....and he is running Daddy around and Daddy is now at his wits end.
I informed Hubby that he is walking a bad road and better stop.  But, the noose is not quite around his neck yet.  The boy is a fierce competitor...and is only 5.

Until Hubby yells Uncle...or I have had enough....I will continue to enjoy my weekends.

But.......vacation hell was only 4 weeks ago.  These people have short memories.

I don't.

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