Wednesday, June 15, 2011

vacation is finally over and so is the funeral for Ginny

OK...its been 14 days that I have been prepping for graduation & vacation, then just vacation....on vacation....DRIVING....and then Ginny's funeral.

I am tired....bone tired!

Vacation was awesome!  I feel in love with Washington State....even some parts of Oregon....but, I want to live in Washington!  But, the one thing I didn't like....and Sophie thought I was weird for thinking it...but the days seemed longer.  It was still light at 10pm.  Odd.  And when I was up at was light?????  Why???  If it has something to do with the time know you can just keep it to yourself...don't mess with my head!

So, we had a great hotel just at the entrance of the Seattle/Bremerton Ferry.  It served a pretty nice breakfast, coffee was YUM-O, and they had the most fascinating fountains that Nash just loved!  Oh, and the beds....comfy!  It was a Hampton Inn just in case you are interested!  Million star rating!

Nash is obsessed with the fountains

love this one of Nash

Grandpa walking Chloe down the stairs

OMG!  These are the best fries in the world!  Fritz Belgian Fries with Red Pepper Parmesan sauce!  OMG!

beautiful Sophie

I just loved Washington.

we spent time at a Mall.  Uncle Nash & Chloe were buds!

this is where I want to live

Pike Place Market....amazing!

Nash and his obsessions!

I loved spending time with Liz & Chloe and seeing the sights.  I miss them
as we are getting ready to leave for Portland.
Then on to Portland to see Toria!

It was Fleet Week....the look in Toria's eyes

Toria dying from the HOT Mango Habanero wings
First night we went to downtown Portland and had dinner....and look at cute boys.  Very fun.

shopping at WalMart to decorate Toria's room

Wow...look at those cool new tires!

And yes...Mom does a great job on her room!
little Toria, the big sis and big Sophie, the little sis

I had a great time with Toria....I adore her!

So, we came home and then Sophie and I headed to Santa Maria for Ginny's funeral.

It was sad for me.  It was sad to watch my daughter have to be in this situation.  It was a Deja Vu thing for me....same place I buried my husband.  I cried.

I had a long talk with Mike about the final part of her life.  It was sad but it was her.

I miss her.

the headstone...

after lunch....Maureen, Ginny's best friend, Vera, a very good friend, Mike her son and Sophie.

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Em @ Inspired Coincidences said...

what a busy couple weeks. I hope you get some rest from all that vacationing =)