Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a list of what is on my mind

"Hi, my name is Nash.  When I grow up I want to be a policeman"
  1. today is June 1st
  2. tomorrow is not  LOL
  3. I do think I am funny
  4. Nash had his kindergarten graduation today
  5. of sorts
  6. he is not graduating
  7. he is repeating.
  8. most of the boys in his class are already over 6
  9. Nash won't be 6 until September
  10. I knew going into kindergarten that he might repeat
  11. it wasn't a surprise
  12. he doesn't want to go to 1st grade anyway
  13. I am so tired
  14. this is one hell of a week
  15. lots to end this week
  16. and something to begin
  17. but, I am not going to talk about that
  18. and know what that is
  19. don't pretend you don't know
  20. you do
  21. I was out the door and 7:40am this morning and didn't get back from the day until 6:30
  22. several clients
  23. children to shuffle
  24. Starbucks to contribute to
  25. roads to drive
  26. people to see
  27. @ Round Table!
  28. it was way yummy!
  29. then I ran into someone I have not seen in many, many moons!
  30. my nephew, Todd Holley
  31. wow....he was a crazy kid....and a crazy man now!
  32. he had the nicest things to say.....
  33. he was always adorable!
  34. had to put a blanket back on our bed
  35. its frikkin' cold!
  36. and did you remember me saying it was June 1st!
  37. I am tired...tomorrow I am off....and plan to relax!

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