Sunday, June 5, 2011

how do we get so much laundry??

OK...its Sunday.  School is officially out and we are about to embark on a vacation.....but first....


I hate the word.  I hate the job.  I hate that I fold everyone's clothing and nicely place it on their bed....well, except for Nash.  I do put his in his drawers.  But.......

As soon as he opens his drawers....he throws everything around...and its a mess.

And my heading to high school daughter....takes the clothing that I have folded....and throws it either on the floor, in her closet on the floor, under her bed on the floor.

My a stacker.  He makes stacks of laundry on the dresser.  I fold it....he stacks it.  Then one day....he puts it away...after refolding it.
My hubby also is a hoarder of dirty clothing because apparently...there has to be a certain level of dirtiness before it can officially go into the laundry basket.  So, it is worn and strategically placed on things in our bedroom until it is deemed dirty enough to be washed.

My daughter.....lovely that she is....wears something only for minutes then it is deemed dirty.  Or even the thought of wearing something...could cause it to land into the dirty clothes pile.

My son....only wants to wear things that are already in the dirty clothes pile.  And his clothes...are pretty disgusting once they make it into that pile.  He is 5....'nuff said  :)

Laundry........I am still waiting for the Jetson life.  I want Rosie the robot to come and put my clothes in a machine and they pop out folded and put NOT me  :)
ok....2 more loads are in the drier...and waiting to be folded.

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