Friday, June 17, 2011

Mommyhood...sometimes fun.......sometimes not

Yesterday....I took my lovely daughter to the pool the give a try at Water Polo.

Why water polo, you ask?

Why not.  I know nothing about it...neither does Sophie.  It's a sport that is in the water.  It's got a great group of kids that play it....and honestly, she can't fall and hurt her knee while playing it.

We are not a graceful people...Sophie and I.  We both can trip over air.  If you have met know I am not a thin person by any means and Sophie is not fat....but, not skinny.  So, weight will always be her enemy.  So, we have talked about this...either she learn to eat petite or exercise.

This past October....she was wearing to wrong shoes to play PE.  And on the basketball court, moved wrong and dislocated her knee.  Our family has BAD KNEES!  Our knee caps sit on our legs, they dislocate very easily.  And once they go out....they like it.  They do it again and again!

Her doctor told her to stay away from sports that cause the knee to volleyball  :)  Yes, she played volleyball.  Dr Nygaard and her physical therapist both recommended water sports only.  The water will massage the knees while not hurting them.

So, we are now looking at high school.  Sophie needs to be in sports....yes, she doesn't like it but that doesn't matter.  Swimming won't be available until Spring...and Water Polo is now.

So, Water Polo it is.

They started practice while we were on vacation.  We arrived after 3 practices have gone by.  Sophie is freaking out...nervous...and trying to quit before it even begins.

I freak, feeling bad about her ambivalence...offer up TCA swimming....THIS WAS A VERY STUPID PATHETIC IDEA ON MY BEHALF.

I take her to the pool.  I tell her I will talk to the coach to see who everything works.  And wam bam....they have her in the water....doing moves.

Yes...Sophie is shooting me hate stares.  Sophie is mouthing words that I pretend not to understand.  I yell at her to quit hiding and to smile and have fun.  She shoots an invisible dart into my eye....hoping that I will temporarily die.

They start to get ready for a scrimmage and the coach is talking to my lovely daughter when I hear her say that......"oh, I am NOT going to play Water Polo....I will do only TCA swimming." 

Hello?  When did she get the right to make her own decisions?????  Nope...I didn't see the world end.  I didn't see them driving me into an insane am still the Mama.

I am overwhelmed, I am tired from vacation and just so over hearing bitching children.

We leave at the end of the session....I am disgusted, hurt....oh a million emotions.  And little miss lovely thinks she got her way!

I came home and yelled at Lance...yelled at Nash and cried.  I did lots of thinking.

And what I came up with was....I am the Mama.

She is a child.

She has to do what I say.

So, guess who will be on the Water Polo team!  Oh yes!  Sophie Eula McVey!

We had a long talk this morning.  She thought she was off the hook.  She thought that since she was sucking up to me, doing extra chores, being nice to Nash....she had won!   

Oh, the naivete!

I sat her down.  Explained the world to her.  Heard her side...about how her friends don't have to do this crap and her friends get to do whatever they want.  So, I told her she could go live with one of those parents!  Good luck with that!  Or she can follow my rules....and really.  How did she even think anything else was going to happen.  CRAZY!

We are using a new parenting technique on Nash (behavior modification of child & parent)......and its NOW being used on Sophie!  Yep...that pissed her off since I made her listen to it the other day because she is part of the Nash problem.

I got the "real nice Mom"  I take that as a compliment!

I love getting that I hate you from her.  Oh honey....I hate you too!

Oh, and my love.  Since I am yours and your friends chauffeur service and I don't get the behavior and compliance I am seeking.  You can find another parent to pick you up  :)  And give you money.  And buy you nice clothes. 

Nope you know that is NOT going to happen!

Oh...too bad.  Guess you have to comply!  And guess what....I am putting your level of compliance @ 77.5%  She will be required to try at an above average level.  WITH SMILES!

Mom 100  Kid still very low!

Honey......where have you been?  I have been around a long time!  I know every game!  I created some of them!  You are mine to rule as I see fit.

Oh, and Sophie....I am SOOOO not as dumb as I look.

This is what you can get.  Get with the program sweetie.  Life is short!

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