Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer....more than what I thought

  1. Normally....summer is 2 months of trying to keep the kids entertained and insanity!
  2. This is real first week of summer.
  3. We were on vacation last week...or the end of it.
  4. And Hubby was still on vacation....
  5. which means I was NOT  :)
  6. Kids have been NOT bad.
  7. It's been horrendously hot!
  8. And we have a new pool!
  9. I bow to you...the Goddess of cool waters!
  10. Even with Nash jumping from the ladder...
  11. sitting on a floatee and watching with a smile on my face
  12. is relaxing!
  13. RELAXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I had plans of shuffling Sophie to Water Polo
  15. But, the fighting with her was a killer.
  16. And the cost ratio to bitching....well, just NOT worth it!
  17. I honestly don't know what I will be doing with that child.....
  18. but, she knows I am befuzzled.....and that is never good!
  19. So, she claims to want to help me with Nash but, I am not asking for help.
  20. This is true....I do HATE to ask for help.
  21. When I do actually get to the point that I have to ask for help....
  23. It's me.
  24. Back to the pool.
  25. Can you love an inanimate object?
  26. Well, according the show on cable...Taboo, you can.
  27. Do I feel the need to fondle the pool?  No way!
  28. WEIRD!
  29. But, I must say....that I have caressed it and said "I love you".
  30. I think this is going to be a good Summer...
  31. And I am not fond of them.
  32. But...this could be a good one!
  33. I love you....pool  :)

1 comment:

Christy Tracy said...

Oh Tammy...i have a pool too...and I love my pool almost as much as you love yours. I get it...totally get it. A pool is an inanimate object, but it soothes my soul. So sister friend, carress it all you want. Openly love your pool. Dont worry about what others say about your affection for an inanimate object. All that really matters is that you find comfort beyond belief. Like the credit card commercial says...PRICELESS! Like friendship...priceless. Your friend, Christy