Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cooties, the pool and Father's Day

I have cooties.  Will I die???  Nope.  Will I bitch???  Oh, yes!

Hubby is in the process of putting in a new above ground pool in the back yard.  We had a 12 X 30 pool 2 years ago and it was the best money ever spent!  It has been stored under the house since.  We couldn't put it up last year because of the former dog and the possibility that she would eat it.

While on vacation we ran into a 16 X 48 pool for only $150.  What a deal!  Includes the pump, ladder and cover!  So, Hubby has been getting the yard ready.

He is meticulous about leveling.  He built a thing that the Egyptians would be envious of.  This kind of thing makes me crazy!  I believe in doing it right...everything I do.  But, when it comes to things the hubby can be driven into the ground.  But. in the will be perfect!  PERFECT! is going to be a great day when it is done.  The girls helped with the leveling we are waiting to get plastic down on the ground, then place the pool and fill it up!  Woo hoo!

When it is done...I will be happy that he did it just exactly the way he did.  It will be amazing!  But, I can't be makes me crazy!

When we first looked into buying an above ground was when I was pregnant with Nash.  I just wanted a little sompin' sompin' to get in and cool off.  He made a huge deal about it....I went insane.....and no pool.  I took it back after I gave birth to Nash swearing....NEVER AGAIN!

Well's hot where we live.  I did the loading the kids into the car and going to the public pool.  It's more work than I want.  And honestly....I am no bathing beauty!

We all know that having a pool in the yard is far superior to having to load up the kids, haul them to the local pool and then hang out in your lovely swimsuit when you do NOT look like this :)
 I know....this is shocking that I do NOT look like this.  Most think I do  LOL

Father's Day.  Well, It did not start out great....I have cooties.  So, I slept.  But, the man took himself & Nash out to breakfast while I slept and then I gave him his present.....a new stereo with bluetooth for his truck....and the installation too  :)  I rock!

Hope you have a wonderful Day of the Dad.  I will soon be going back to bed.

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