Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Summer Bucket List....

Ok...this is a writing prompt from Mama's Losin' It!

  1. Go on a family vacation - done!
  2. Survive that vacation - barely!
  3. Go thru piles of paperwork I have in bedroom
  4. Go thru a pile of paperwork in kitchen
  5. Clean scrapbook room - done!
  6. Get pool up for the summer - done!
  7. Lose 15 pounds  LOL  I know, I know but it would be really nice!
  8. Grow out hair & have it naturally streaked by the sun....if I get in the pool enough, this will happen!
  9. Completely Wedding Planner class
  10. Start teaching scrapbook classes....PLEASE!
  11. Get into the habit of sending out weekly advertising emails.
  12. Grow my business of party favors by double...it could happen  :)
  13. Double the number of followers I have on my blog.
  14. Scrapbook at least 20 pages.
  15. RELAX!
  16. Swim daily.
  17. Start fundraiser for soccer league with lots of help!
  18. Start fundraiser for soccer league without killing myself...more like it
  19. See or do fireworks on the 4th of July!
  20. Make lots of roasted tomato sauce for the rest of the year from the garden.
  21. Stock freezer with lots of peppers & onions, precut and ready to use.
  22. See about rebidding state job...
  23. or deciding on letting it go.
  24. Look for jobs I can bid to expand Errand Girl.
  25. Recoop timeshare points lost when I redid our vacation.
  26. Learn to let go more
  27. Prepare myself for high school
  28. Find a glass box to place Sophie in while she is in high school.
  29. Look forward to kindergarten again!
  30. Get Nash's fine motor skills honed.
  31. Clean out my shoe closet of all shoes I don't wear
  32. LOL
  33. Work on all websites.
  34. Figure out the best way to advertise online.
  35. Prepare for new school year & get plans going for PTO
  36. Why don't I have new board member's emails?
  37. Get them!
  38. Make appointment to meet with small business people in town.
  39. Relax!
  40. Find an alcoholic drink I like.
  41. I really need a Sister Wife for this next year.
  42. See if Christine can leave Kody  :)
  43. Play more.
  44. Scrapbook more.
  45. RELAX!
  46. Have fun in the pool.
  47. Enjoy time with the kids.
  48. Sleep more.
  49. Catch up on my scrapbook magazines.
  50. RELAX!
I did it!


    the ruckels said...

    hey! i'm visiting from mama kat's blog...

    love that your bucket list is for you & not just your kiddos. and i feel ya on the family vacation! we too barely survived.

    good luck on growing the new business!

    iseeyoulookingatme said...

    This is a very impressive list. I hope that you accomplish it all. Especially the relaxing part. I LOVE that you put that in there four times!!

    Amber said...

    What a list - good luck crossing them all off!

    bridgesburning said...

    that's a great list and sounds like fun..enjoy!!
    Just popped in from Mama Kat!

    Raine said...

    Thats a big to do list! I hope you have fun doing it :)

    Kate said...

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's! Looks like a fun list - good luck with everything and enjoy your summer!