Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Friday!

This has been one long week!

Having Nash up just about every night this week has been a sleep killer :) And of course that Lance has worked 2 doubles this week makes the burden of it all....mine. I am tired!

But, was able to get the kids physicals done for school and their immunization shots done...the fever for Nash that came with the shots was not a happy Mommy maker!

I have been trying to catch up with Carla on all of the PTA stuff we need to get done in a very short time.

And finally got my car measured for new signage for the Errand Girl-mobile. Now, will start the design process. I will be so glad to get my logo on my car!

Since the air conditioner I bought last year, that finally got installed this not working out. I bought a stand alone air conditioner that should arrive in a couple of days. It is so frustrating to NOT be able to use my scraproom in the summer...when I need it the most! See how much I could be having up at the top :)

Now, today....will be stopping by my daughter-in-laws house to take her the old a/c and letting Nash test drive the new bunkbed they bought for my grandson, Elliot. I am hoping Nash REALLY thinks its cool so that I can use it as leverage to get him to REALLY want to go to kindergarten!

And tomorrow....I finally get to see my best friend, Leigh-Ann who moved to the South a couple of years ago. I MISS HER! She is attending her family picnic...and a couple of her friends got invited along to see her. I can hardly wait!

OK....gotta see when Errand Girl need to get on the road :)

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Anonymous said...

When are you gonna update this thing, woman? I know you're just sitting around on your butt not doing anything. Kind of like me. ;)