Sunday, April 8, 2012

pre-Easter excitement...nope!

Today was a fun day....that ends in disaster!

We had Step-son Ian and his AWESOME wife Emily over with the 3 grand kids for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Nash helped me fill over 100 eggs and Sophie and Sarah hide them in the back yard.

Nash going strong

Elliot doing well too!

And then the race began!

Lots of egg hunting and candy finding!

My fabulous egg hiders after the big job!

Yep...they are great teenagers.

And the cutest grandchildren!

The supervisor...he works so hard!

Wow...a very big haul for Elliot & Nash!
I love daffodils!

What my girl can do to gross her buddy out.  Sophie is special!

And what was the disaster???

A night of puking, fevers, laundry and no sleep.  Poor Nash came down with cooties!

I am so very tired!

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