Thursday, February 16, 2012

reverse bucket list

The top 10 things I never want to do....this is a writing prompt from Mama Kat.

Mama’s Losin’ It

  1. I will never go bungy jumping.....look at get it right?
  2. I will never be a live off the land kinda girl.  I don't like food you kill, dirt or bugs or vermin. 
  3. I will never run a marathon.  Yes, I am impressed with those that do but...I will not.
  4. I will never be skinny.  I would like to lose some weight...but at 49...let's face it.
  5. I will never live my life as a cat lady wearing purple.  As fun as that sounds...kill me!
  6. I will never pick up another what I thought was a normal person needing help....that turns into a SUPER crazy person that is now in my car!
  7. I will never marry again!  In my's OK to be married several times.  I married the love of my life and he died.  I married again the next love of my life and that's it.  If he dies....I will renig on #5...and kill me.
  8. I will never do extreme sports.  I was never a sports person per-say so this seems pretty logical.
  9. I will never eat bugs.  See #2....if I can't be around them...why would I eat the.
  10. And finally....I will NOT have more children.  As cute as they are and being that I do have a 6 year old at the age of 49...hello..........again, self-explanatory!  I am ready for grandchildren!


Betsy said...

I never understood how people could go on those reality shows and eat bugs. I don't want to touch them much less eat them! Ick!

Megilon said...

I love the honesty in your list! And I too have said I will never marry again. Nor will I eat bugs...gross.

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

Ha! I have some of the same things on my list. NO bugs and no extreme sports!!!

Gina said...

I love the humor you brought to the marrying one and I don't do bugs either. At 49, we have to be happy with where we're at.

Jamie said...

Yes, the body does catch up with us and young children. Though I think I'm a better mom at this age, I get tired and they keep going and going. And never bungee jumping. No way.