Monday, February 20, 2012

Waiting for Sophie's biggest day...ever

Sophie is 14 years old.

Today she will meet face to face the man she claims to marry  :)  Yes, James Maslow from Big Time Rush.

She saved her money and used every penny she was able to get to pay for a  $250 VIP ticket to see the man she loves.

Now...the time is almost here.  Just hours from now she will meet them.

Not me.  I decided not to go to the concert and listen to girls scream.  I know I should...but...OMG!  I keep looking to buy tickets...up in the rafters away from anyone else.....but, they don't advertise the sell of those tickets.  You can't go to ticketmaster and say...can I have the worst seat in the auditorium please.  I want to be able to to be close to my see her enjoy the best day of her life...I just don't want to have to hear thousands of other girls having the best day of their lives.

I still hope that once we get there...I can talk to someone and buy a crappy seat.  And be there.  Be a stalker of my daughter and watch from far away her joy.  I will have my camera....with a zoom lens.  I would take a million pictures of her screaming face and joy as she watches the man she loves.

This is I think I am leaving at the girl when she was in kindergarten.

James Maslow....the man she claims to want to marry

Big Time Rush
Waiting to leave is a killer.  Time is so slow when the best day of your life is almost here.

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