Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting ready to leave for Scrapbook Retreat!

Twice a year....I run away!

As a Mom....vacations are not relaxing.  I love going on vacation with my family but...I am just doing the same thing I do at home just in a different place......usually our timeshare.

But, twice a year I escape.  I run from my family and not even very far from home.  But, its far enough for me.

I go to a magical place where there are no husbands, no children, no expectations, no one really cares what you do or how you do it...as long as you leave them alone.

My magical place is called Scrapbook Retreat.  For me...it's heaven!

yep...this is where I sleep.  And there is another bed in the room too.  But, I sleep alone.
I go for 4 days and 3 nights.  I sleep in a pretty uncomfortable cot, in a private room with paper thin walls.  If I were to go here on a family vacation....I would bitch.  But for me....I don't care.....I am only in my room to sleep, nothing more.  Oh, and there is no TV here either.

This was my table the first time I ever went.  I had no clue what to bring and didn't know a soul!
The magic....is in the big room.  I am provided with a table that is 6 foot wide and about 3 foot deep.  It is lined up with about 5 other tables.  When I arrive....it is empty with only a bag with goodies to maybe use, a candy bar sitting on top with a bottle of water, a charm for my keychain and one electrical outlet.


The big room...full of women with a mission.  Scrapbooking!
Once I arrive it takes a while to get all of my STUFF loaded into my scrap space and get it set up how I want it.  Now I know to bring extra tables to set up next to me and also my own personal chair.  The chairs that are there are NOT bad....but, you have to stack them 2 high and they don't swivel.  I like a good swivel.

Here is the group in 2009.  Oh, we are a crack up!
I also now know just about everyone that attends.  And I also bring my buddies too!  Debi, in the bottom right corner.  She brought her friend Katy and Katy brings her sister.  So, we have a group.

We show off our work...gab and have fun!  We share our chocolate and snacks.  We tell each other how pretty the other persons work is.  And when Shell announces meal time.....well, damn, we get fed well!  And no clean up, no cooking.  Just show up when you are called and you are fed!

And at 10pm on Friday and Saturday night....Shell does this fabulous chocolate fountain!  OMG!

I say all of the time...this is the best thing I have ever done for myself!  And I can hardly wait to go!

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