Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a child's favorite book, transformed!

I saw this idea in a magazine and really fell in love with it.

So, while I was at my last Scrapbook Retreat...I made the book.  I cried a lot while making this book.  It was almost like walking thru the days before and after my husband died and Sophie and I had to move on.  But....we did.

Here is what you will need -
  1. a favorite book that you read to your child
  2. extra photos you have of you child that you have already scrapped in memorable ways
  3. embellishments of various forms - tags, flowers, all of your leftovers
  4. a good adhesive...something very strong but still good for paper, here is what I did
The book I read everyday to Sophie was Goodnight Moon.  The version we had was a paper one.  I used a rub-on on the front to alter its look but maintain the title.  I also used a couple of stickers to make a subtitle.
The inside cover I left plain.  And empty spot is good for the eyes to rest before they begin the visual journey.
The title page is embellished with a picture of the pregnancy indicator stick showing that we were pregnant.  We worked very hard to make Sophie.  The pick writing says...This is a blurry double pink line positive!  And the tag reads....on March 13, 1997, we took a pregnancy test.  We were pregnant!
Page 1 reads - David and I asked for privacy for your birth.  It was a hard thing to do for my family.  But, the excitement was everywhere.  Everyone wanted to hold you.  Weenie, Aunt Diana and Tonia .  We were just tiredand amazed at being your parents.

Page 2 reads - @ 9:16pm on November 1, 1997, Sophia Marie Eula came into our lives.  No other baby could compare to her perfectness!
Page 3 reads - (on blue tag) Sophie stayed under the lights for 4 days - jaundice.  Sophie came home on the 7th of November.  It was good to have her home - but scary too!
Page 4 reads - This is one of the very few pictures of David with Sophie and I.  Thanksgiving, 1997
page 5 reads - Sophie's corner was shared with her Daddy's office.  But, she was still small and didn't take up much room yet.
Page 6 reads - Sophie's corner
Page 7 reads - Your 1st Thanksgiving.  Pictures of me and you and a side shot of Weenie, my Mom.
Page 8 reads - Here is a picture of you with your Great Granny and Grandpa.  And a 4 generation Granny, Weenie, Me and You.
Page 9 reads - be amazing
Page 10 reads (rub-on - "As a mother, my job is to take care of the possible and trust God with the impossible." Ruth Bell Graham).  I am so glad you were such a good baby because being a Mom is the hardest job!  (rub-on - Confessions of my heart)

Page 11 reads - Your 1st Superbowl.  Weenie made the outfit you are wearing.  Charm from David "I love you".  "I love you" both so much you can never know how you both have changed me.
Page 12 reads - You look so much like your Daddy in this picture.

Page 13 reads, January photo shoot, 1998
Page 14 reads - various photos from February, March and April, 1998.
Page 15 reads - This is Easter @ Weenie's house in Santa Maria.  Your favorite thing was the Johnny Jumper.  Tag reads - Lucky to have the time we had.
Page 16 reads - Our last family day together.  Your Dad died the next Wednesday.
page 17
Page 18 reads (Rub-on You are my sunshine)  I remember this month I was packing us up to move to a home for you and I in Santa Maria.  May, 1998
Page 19
Page 20 reads - I stopped photographing things and you for several months.  June, 1998.
Page 21 reads - Sophie & Mom on a Court Day.  Sophie in the pool.  Sophie riding her trike.
Page 22 reads - These were pictures taken by Weenie at various times from June to October, 1998.
Page 23 - empty like my heart was at the time.
Page 24 reads - Your 1st Halloween.  Your dad and I bought you this costume before you were born since your nickname was Tigger.  We let you trick or treat the ladies.
Page 25 - birthday celebrations!
Page 26 reads - Weenie got you this playhouse - You loved it!
Page 27 - Me singing you happy birthday and you eating cake.
Page 28 - this page represents those in Heaven...Daddy & Nicholas...celebrating with you.
Page 29 reads - Sophie - I saw this idea in a magazine and knew exactly what book to use.  Your 1st year was not an easy one.  Your life started with my post-partum depression, then your Dad dying and a medical scare for me.  I ask myself daily how I was able to raise such an amazing person.  You may never know just how much I love you and am in awe of you!

Page 30 reads - For you I wish it all!  Good and bad, happy and sad, love and pain - because it is all good!  I love you!  Mom 3-24-12
Back cover.

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