Monday, March 26, 2012

The Help

This guest post from Lewis Beck

I have to say that I was totally disappointed last Sunday when I was watching the Oscars on Dish TV. None of the movies that I picked to win won. The person that I picked for best supporting actress was the only one who actually won the award that I had predicted correctly. I was a bit partial though. I watched the Oscars over at a friends house and we had ballots that we filled out. Of course, I chose anything and everything that had to do with the “Help”. That is literally one of the best movies that I have every seen and possibly my favorite movie. Everything about it was great. I thought the actresses were wonderful and I especially thought the acting was superb. I was disappointed that Viola Davis didn’t win the best actress award. I thought she was wonderful. I was also disappointed that the “Help” didn’t win best picture. I haven’t seen the “Artist”, but how in the world can a silent film be better than the “Help”? I have absolutely NO idea!

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