Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Did I misplace her????

Today....I am joining up with Mama Kat's Writing Prompts.

And the topic is - Write about the last item you looked for. Why did you need it?

I have not written on my blog a lot lately and this topic hit me since YESTERDAY.....I was hit with an overly protective Mommy moment. 

If you follow me...you know this year I am walking a whole new path....my daughter is in high school.  It's not that she went from Jr. High to high school.  No...were we live...it's K thru 8th grade...then high school.  That's a big damned step!  So, I am doing pretty good I think...don't ask my daughter tho  :)

But yesterday...I was late getting home because my lovely 6 year old son has been going to the older boys in the after school program and calling them names.  And when they call him a name back....he runs to the teacher and tattles.  Gotta love that Boy.  Can you see that this is exactly what happens at home between him and his older sister????  Anyway....I talk to the teacher...and talk to the boy while walking out of the school.  We meet the Principal along the way.  She asks how the boy is doing....I tell her about his lovely behavior....she has a talk with the boy.  Now, I have his attention.

So, on the drive home I talk...he listens.

I get home just minutes after the bus should have drop the girl off at home.  I walk in the house.  Hubby is at the door.  We talk about the boy, about his day....stuff.  As I walk thru the house...I notice the girls door is closed and ASSUME she is HOME.  Hubby and I continue to talk.....I look at the clock again.  It is now 13 minutes past the time the girl should be home.  

I ask Hubby if she is home??  He looks like he has no clue but walks down the hall to her room.  He knocks on the door and she is not in her room.  Minor panic

I get out my cell phone to text her...and see that she has texted me.  Bus is delayed because they are waiting for an ambulance to arrive.  AN AMBULANCE????  PANIC

I text back....asking why???

She texts back....that there was a kid beat up on her bus, he was unconscious.

By the time I was able to assess that I am on my way to where ever she is and will NOW pull her out of school and start homeschooling her....I get a text that she is almost home.  And I then hear the bus.

I am not a great waiter for someone to get home.  Anyone that knows me knows......I don't do late.  You will always be on time...or you will face the consequences.

On April 29, 1998 at 5pm...I was waiting for my first Hubby to get home from work.  The girl was a baby of 6 months old.  He was late.  I knew something was wrong but  I was not getting answers from those I was calling to find out where he was.  I eventually got my answer.

I got a knock on my door.  It was a Sheriff.  He asked me if I was the wife of..................  I still don't remember all of the event but I do know...he told me my Hubby was dead.

So, waiting is not easy for me. 

And I was also raised in a very violent area.  We had race wars, metal detectors before they were cool, Police greeted us as we entered our school and armed guards rode our buses.  School was tough.  You learned to survive or they ate you up.

So, I now live in a very small town in the foothills....away from big city nightmares, to raise my children.  And now...I had to face an incident that could have involved my child.  Her safety was compromised.  FRom her....I got an eye roll.  And that I freak out.

It's amazing what can run thru your mind in a very short time.  

She thinks she is just fine.  I am freaked and trying act natural.  I don't want her to be harmed by my overly protectiveness but also want her to understand the world of "what if's"

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SisterSister said...

I can totally understand your panic...kids just don't understand what we go through as parents. i know I didn't ..until I became a parent :) good post