Friday, October 28, 2011

How to watch the game on Turkey Day

Today I have a guest blogger.....Mickey Garza.

Being from California means a lot of things but what it most likely means is a really pleasant Thanksgiving. The weather here is so nice all year round but in the fall you really remember why you stayed here in the first place. My mom lives about 2 hours away and she recently got Hughes Net California so she’s been constantly emailing me recipes she wants to try for Turkey Day, as she calls it, when we all come down in a couple weeks. All I really care about is having three kinds of pie and watching football all afternoon but you know, it’s going to be so nice at mom’s house (she lives on the water) we may even be able to go for a swim or something like that. I don’t know what my brother’s plans are but he and I play a pretty fun game of pickup football with the neighbors sometimes after the feast and if he’ll be there I should definitely try to get one of those up and running.

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