Friday, October 14, 2011

Truth or Consequences

Kids are back in school.

YES!  Nash was sick for 3 days....and Sophie apparently needed a day off.  So, instead of just saying Mom....I need a break............she pretended she was sick.

I don't mind if she needs a day from school.  From the chaos of teenagers....just don't lie about it.  She confessed yesterday after I got home from working in Nash's class and noticed that she was eating killer food for someone suffering from the stomach flu.  Then the confession was laid on the table.

She is a teenager now....she has to be responsible for her own actions.  If it gets out of hand...I will step in and correct it but not at this age and NOT a minor incident.

Altho....yes, I am smiling big came to her attention that she missed her mid-term in Geometry class and in French.  This morning...while I was making lunch for Nash and breakfast for Nash and I...Sophie informed me of the error.  She continued on that this was MY fault and next time.....force her to go to school.  Even if she is dying.

Oh, silly girl.  You can NOT have it both ways.  You can NOT make your decisions...and then when they are the wrong ones...blame the Mommy.  I continued on that now that she is in high school....going to school is now her responsibility.  I am not going to micromanage her I have been asked not to do.  This is how we learn to make choices for ourselves.

If I can't make the fun decisions...I am not going to make the hard decisions until I absolutely have to.

One growing pain that I am enjoying a little.

Yep....the pitfalls of growing up and learning to be independent.

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