Monday, October 3, 2011


I am a volunteer.  I have been for years.  I believe in giving of yourself to aid and benefit others.  I believe that no matter what....if you should help out your fellow man.

I was not raised this way.  My parents didn't give or do anything for anyone without expecting something in return.  I was not raised to send a thank you card, to ask for anything or expect anything in return.  I was not raised to vote or to care about my fellowman.  It was all for one...

My Granny was a volunteer.  I think most people in her generation were.  You helped your neighbor out and they helped you out.  You joined groups for social or other helped make it run.  You did for your church and if you needed it...they helped you in return.

I truly believe in being a volunteer.  I am not tooting my own horn....I just believe everyone should pull their own weight.  If I smile at you.....I like to get a smile right back.  If I don't...well, maybe you are having a bad day and that smile brings a smile to you later.....great.  And if it doesn' made me feel good anyway.

Same with volunteering.  It makes me feel good.

If asked to do something I just about always say yes.

I have been screwed over twice in the volunteer world.  Both times in the same type of arena.  The first time was shame on you.....Babe Ruth Baseball.  This one was shame on me for trusting someone I didn't know very well and thinking all organizations work and think a like.  You all know who it is....

I learned a lot from this experience.  I will never help out in the world of sports again.  And after this year....Nash will never play soccer again.  God help me!

Yes, I am bitter and angry.  Mainly at myself.  I saw it coming but I could not believe it.  I really could not fathom it.  People act like that???

I have told Sophie many times...when someone tells you who they are....believe them.

I did not believe them.  

And after it is done....I still can't wrap my brain around it.  But, I will own it.  I will learn from it.  Because that is why mistakes are, that we learn from them.

And I am telling you this story so that you may learn from my mistake.

Not everyone thinks the same.  When you ask for help....look into their eyes and see if they are sincere.  If someone tells you someone or some group has a particular history.....take it as gospel and listen.  Don't assume they have changed.

I am going to go back to my regular area of volunteering.  The school that Nash attends and Sophie has graduated from, Sonora Elementary.

And a funny thing....they told me who they were in the beginning when Sophie was in Kindergarten.  I believed them and walked away.   But, I still wanted to be a part of the PTO and my children's school.  So, I waited until the players changed and slowly made it into an organization that I am proud to be a part of.

Support Sonora School.  A PTO.  A lovely group of team players.  All willing to help each other out.  Thank you for being there and standing by while I learned this lesson.


Dawn aka BusyMom said...

I think you are me! Or I am you!

I keep volunteering even though I often get stuck as the chairman of a committee of one...

but I keep going back...

Arnebya said...

I commend you for being a volunteer when it wasn't a direct parent-child display. My mother rarely volunteered outside of my school but I did see that much. I, however, am unable to say no usually. I volunteer on the PTA, even served as president one year. Now, though, I tend to volunteer more for things I truly want to do, like literacy tutoring for adults. Although it takes me away from my family a night or two a week, the reward is so worth it. Bravo to you.