Tuesday, November 1, 2011

if a wedding is in your future

Did you know I am revamping my business into a wedding planning business??

I am working with a business coach and am so very excited by what is coming my way and having someone in my corner really pointing me in the right direction.

Wedding planning can be a very hectic job.  And everyone needs help.

If you are looking for classy or monogrammed  wedding invitations there are so many places that offer to do this for you....but who would you think of using???  I have seen people design their own and sometimes that just doesn't work out.  Yes, its very homey looking but if you are not a designer......thi sis ht efirst thing people are going to see that represents your wedding and everything about how it will go.

Make sure you shop around and see their work before you buy.   This is one place...where you really need to not cut corners get someone who know what they are doing!

Do your research and get the best you can afford.

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