Wednesday, November 16, 2011

parenting - keeping my kids in decent shoes

Today....I am joining up with Mama Kat and taking on one of her writing prompts -

Your biggest parenting challenge and/or joy

My parenting challenge is shoes.

Now, I must say...this is not my first child that I have had shoes issues with.

Poor Sophie...when she was a baby...I had no idea how fast feet grew and she literally outgrew her one pair of shoes before she could walk.  Granted I was a little busy with postpartum depression and the death of the hubby....but, her toes were sticking out and I was oblivious and totally unaware of what to do.

So, here is my story for this weeks shoe....horror....or challenge  :)

Nash is able to put on his own shoes.  He is 6.  He has had this things for the last 6 to 9 months that his shoes MUST stay on the front or back porch until he needs them.  I have many times instructed him to PLEASE put his shoes in the closet.  As this is where most people keep their shoes.

This always seems to fall on either deaf or unwanted info ears.

Nash is a loosy goosy kind of boy.  He does NOT like tight clothing of any kind or shoes for that matter.  And once we enter the chillier months of the year...he is in heaven because he can just live in sweats.

So, back to my story.

the other day...I had picked him up at school and told him that Daddy was working a double and we needed to take him some dinner.  Nash loves to go to where Daddy works because they have a huge amount of rocks as landscaping that he can crawl all over while we are there.

This is when I noticed a problem.

While climbing....I see that his black tennis shoes have some kind of white mark on the toe.

I have seen this type of mark before.

I think back over the past several weeks.  It all makes sense.  Why when he takes his shoes off outside he walks away with damp footprints following him. 


I am President of the PTO.  I just donated a turkey to the school for a needy family and my son....has holes in his shoes!  I was oblivious to his OUTGROWING HIS SHOES!


OK...I tell Nash that I need him to get in the mini van and stand inside so I can check his feet.

I hear....MOooooOM!

I have him stand and look at his feet.  The top of the toes on one shoe is gone!  I look further to see that the bottom of his shoe is only secured to the shoe in the back half.


So I long as this been like this?  Is this why your feet have been wet?  Why didn't you say something to me?

And I hear..............with a smile.................I don't know.


So, you know where I went...immediately!

The shoe store!


Crystal said...

OMGosh! My 8yo is the same way! His shoes constantly have holes in them...not just little, non-noticeable ones. Big, gaping, no longer doing him any good holes!! I buy him new ones almost every 2 months! This dude is killing my clothing budget!!

S. Stauss said...

I love this! I never realized before today that "shoes" is my greatest parenting challenge, too! Awesome!

Found you through Mama Kat's

Arnebya said...

I don't know has got to be the absolute best kid response ever, huh? (Did you buy a backup pair the next size up, to be prepared? Ha!)

Blue Eyes said...

I don't have kids, but I remember when my brother and I were growing up... we hated wearing shoes an never did, so I'm betting my mom never new until way too late that we needed bigger ones!!