Friday, November 11, 2011

oh the Christmas list

  • I used to be on the list
  • when I was so very poor
  • I had my shopping done and over with by Halloween
  • it is the middle of November and I am still struggling with my list
  • this is going to be a slim year
  • the state of California has not been our friend this year
  • cutting hubby's pay
  • and upgrading their radiology equipment so that my contract got canceled
  • big pay cut for the McVey's this year
  • I usually go nuts for Christmas
  • I totally overspend and spoil my kids rotten
  • not feeling it this year
  • and I think they aren't either
  • their lists are small this year and I am not going to push it
  • I am kind of looking forward to a meek & mini holiday this year
  • only me, hubby and the 2 kids this year at home
  • everyone else will be out of town or with other family
  • I tried to convince ours kids that we could go somewhere to just get away
  • Sophie was adamant that we not leave our house
  • I hate it when my words come back to bite my butt  :)
  • so mini Christmas....could be a blessing in disguise  :)

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