Sunday, November 13, 2011're it

Today was not a good day for parenting in our house.

I have had a slight case of cooties...but the cooties have a weird body ache thing going with it that along with me trying to utilize orthotic insoles for my sore feet are now working...but throwing the rest of the body out of whack.

So, as said by my lovely daughter Sophie....I am bitchy.

And the Hubb-ster decided to play with fencing...long story that I come out bad in the I will skip it.  Anyway.....Hubb-ster hurt his back and while he has been quite the martyr about the I had had enough and told him to REALLY rest and take care of himself., two parents down.

Nash....loves to play his video game in the living room.  It's hecka annoying.  So, Hubb-ster....who knows nothing about electronics says hey....I bet I can hook it up to YOUR TV in YOUR room.  I didn't even pay attention to this because I knew it would never, ever happen!

And guess what....he did it!

OK...hats off to ya buddy!  I am impressed!

So, then later Hubb-ster is in the shower...and Nash wants to watch real TV.  Now shit is hitting the fan.

I try everything in my power to get that TV to work!

Hubb-ster finally starts in trying everything he has to get the TV to watch regular TV and I was a fluke!  YES folks...a fluke of nature that he was able to get the video game to work. 

The last time there was a problem with Nash's took me 3 DAYS!  Yes, 3 days to get it to work.  Nash is being....Nash.  Impatient.

And low and behold.....after a miracle...and cursing...I get it to work and Nash already irritated decides that fucking with our heads would be a good think to do.  A bitchy Mommy and a very crabby Daddy....not people to mess with.

I say no and walk away. 

Hubb-ster wants to be a good Dad...he plays the "I am going to see how far I can go until you explode" game.  Hubb-ster eventually comes out with Nash crying and whining. 

I am done....I announce that I think Sophie is right.  I am a bitch...I should go lock myself in the room and hide.  Hubb-ster...its now on you.  You started finish it.

I lay on the bed and listen to the horror that is going on outside of my door.  And realize that I left an unarmed man alone with my son and that son is a genius at "I am going to see how far I can go until you explode" game.  And his only recourse is to become.........LT. McVey!

He is a bastard!  I love my Hubb-ster but......when he is at the end of his ropes his only recourse is to fall back on his work training...and become...the dreaded LT. McVey.

I run out to save my boy and put the Hubb-ster in a time out.

It takes me 25 minutes to calm the situation.

I punish the boy....and send him to bed.

Then I go apologize to my Hubb-ster, or putting him in that position with out the benefit of back up or knowledge of the forces he was to encounter.

Homes need a safe place for parents!

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