Saturday, December 3, 2011

cha-cha-cha-cha-changes :)

This has been a year of changes.  Sophie is in high school.  This has been weird for me.  In our town....we don't have middle's elementary then high school.  Boom!

I also have a 2nd time Kindergartener.  He is doing so much better this year.  He was way too young last year but this can's his year.

So, I am balancing a Freshman and a Kindergartener.

The raging hormones of a teenage girl, the simplicity of a 6 year old boy....and the diminishing hormones of a middle age Mom.

With one I am teaching how to be independent, make her own decisions...learn to handle things on her own.  Learn to provide for her own extravagances.  Learn how to work and be employable...even in the babysitting market.

The other one I am just trying to get him to accept that he is going to go to 1st grade next year.  Play independently.  Maybe he can pee inside the house???  I know....this is radical!  Peeing in the house????  What am I thinking????

And me.....I have been watching my biological calendar dwindle.  That time of the month....has not been for almost 10 months.  I was so excited to say that I was almost in menopause.  Then....curse!  CURSE I SAY!  How can you NOT have a period for 10 months...and then get one????  This sucks!