Saturday, December 31, 2011

good bye 2011, hello 2012

Hum....not going to miss 2011.

Nope, not going to miss it at all.

No, it wasn't a terrible year but NOT one of the greats either.

I won't miss it.

Onward to a new year.

New experiences.

New opportunities.

A new 365 ok, 366 days to try new things, grow and learn, and watch my children discover who they are daily.

I turn 49 years old this year!


In 1 month and 4 days.


What's really funny or very that for the last couple of months...I had in my mind that I was 47 and turning 48.  I have heard people do this when I was young and in the world can you do that? I am.  And what is really shitty......when it hits you that you instantly aged 1 feel that damned year!

OK...I swore I was never, ever going to be age-o-phobic like my Mom.  The horrors of her turning 30 are still etched in my brain.  And here I look at it.

49  Really???

I tell people all of the time I am 50...that does NOT bother me at all.  Being 50 is a marker.  A badge of honor.  A level of experiences and knowledge that can be shared with the young and to be proud of.

49 feels....icky!  LOL


I got off track.

Good bye 2011.

I would love to see you hte minute you end but, I am in my jammies and I am tired.  It's only 9:09pm.  LOL

Happy New Year to all of you that read me.

And all of those that read me, know me and still love me  :)

Or at least like me enough to keep coming back  :)

May your 2012 be a very blessed one!

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