Tuesday, December 27, 2011

loud non-stopping brain

I have a brain that does NOT like to stop and let me sleep.

It thinks....way....too....much!

I sit here and analyze everything.  I have done this my entire life.  And now.....I have passed it on to my daughter.

I tell her I am sorry.  I am.

But, the brain does what it wants.  And it only gets quiet when it is done.

I am done many things in my life to quiet my brain.

I used to watch mind numbing TV to get bored...then fall asleep.

For the first time in my life....I had a doctor give me anti-anxiety medication to try.  And by golly!  I slept!

It has since stopped working.

Now I take Ambien.  And Soma.  And here I sit...awake!  Stoned.  But the brain is going a million miles an hour.

I need a quiet brain.

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