Monday, December 26, 2011

sad...the holidays are over

Today is the 26th and the family is now asking...when are we taking the tree down???

Wow, has this season gone by fast.  I am not so sure I am ready to say good bye to the tree or to the mood of the season.

So, a countdown to Christmas good bye.
  1. I get my corner back in the living room
  2. less to do now that wrapping andshopping are over
  3. still have not heard enough Christmas music!
  4. my butt needs less treats...really!
  5. still doesn't feel like it has come.
  6. I know I was here...just doesn't feel like it should be over yet.
  7. a new year to start
  8. hum....not so sure I am done with this year yet.
  9. what am I missing about the holiday???
  10. Why am I not ready to tell it good bye yet???
  11. Now that I don't see my family....I don't have to hear again about the Christmas tree I stole when I was 18 and it was a VERY slim year in our house and as an adult.  I had to step up.
  12. There was not one drunk person at any holiday event.  Maybe that's it???  Without my family....I don't have to deal with drunks and roving hands and stupid sexual remarks.
  13. I didn't hear one time that I was fat...not one!
  14. I didn't hear one negative thing about the crappy job I am doing raising my children.
  15. I didn't hear that I don't deserve what I have.
  16. And I didn't get presents that make no sense to me, hubby or my kids.
Now that I have looked at the the list.  I was missing the dysfunction of the holiday.'s the dysfunction I miss.

I guess I can pack up the tree until next year.

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