Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve....Eve

Christmas Eve...Eve has been a big day for Sophie since she learned about Santa.

And this year...she has passed on the tradition to her brother, Nash.

Tradition you say????

No, it's nothing in a big way.....just the very beginning of the "Santa Anticipation".

I love that I have instilled a love of Santa in my kids. 

I know there are people that would think this small....but, I love Santa.

I am not a religious person nor a fan of organized religion. 

But, I am a truly spiritual person.  I believe in Karma.  I believe in do unto others.  I believe in smiles.  I believe in helping those that need help and patting those on the back that only need that.  And many other things...

But the magic of magical!

The magic of a twinkling eye.  A Ho Ho Ho.  Asking for something special and having it waiting for you under the tree on that special morning.  The mystery of flying reindeer and toy making elves.  And a fat man that can live on cookies & hot cocoa.

I love the magic of the season.  The extra kindnesses people show.  The trays of goodies.  And the wonderful music...well, except for that "Christmas Shoes" song. 

I love Christmas music!

I love putting up the Christmas tree.  And hanging the stockings.  Baking the treats and White Trash Toffee!  Selecting the wrapping paper & ribbon for the presents.

Choosing the picture that will go on my Christmas card of my kids.  And sending out the cards to family and friends.  And getting cards back from those I love and only hear from during the Holidays.

So, today is Christmas Eve....Eve.  My kids are very concerned that their behavior was good enough to get the gift of their dreams.  the anticipation is thick in the air and the talk is only of Santa Claus a'coming!

My daughter is thinking about what jammies to wear because she doesn't want to look bad in the morning photo.  And my son is so excited because this is the first year that he has really gotten the idea of Santa! 

So, tomorrow...Christmas Eve will be a difficult day to get thru.  It will be very long!  Children will be so excited that time will feel like it is standing still.  We will click on the computer often to check on Santa's progress around the word on make sure he is safe and traveling well.

I love the magic of Christmas!

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