Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dance guilty pleasure!

I am NOT a reality show watcher....but....

I am addicted to Dance Moms!

Since I never watch live TV...we DVR everything in my house....I just watched the Dance Moms, Abby's top 20 OMG moments.  WOW!

I am sure most of this is for TV but...who acts like this???

I love to hate Abby.

But, a Mom I do not understand how you could tolerate this behavior around your children.  So, I also love to hate the Moms. 
Drama Momma's

Altho...who am I to talk.  I watch faithfully...with my mouth wide open constantly saying...OMG!

So, I am coming out the closet.  I watch Dance Moms....and love to hate them all!

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