Friday, June 8, 2012

so, who is this Errand Girl you talk about

I am the owner of a small business called...Errand Girl!

I opened it in 2007 as an answer to a problem friends and family were having...and I needed something to do....and I could help.  So, I created a business to do it all!

When I was gangbusters!

But, then the economy took a nose dive and I have floundered.

I thought about closing it the beginning of this year because it really was nothing.  But, after talking to our tax person they recommended that I hang tight.  So, I applied for jobs and prayed to find an answer.  The job I really, really wanted...I didn't get!  But, I did get a client!  And another client...and another!

So, Errand Girl is going thru a transition.  I am retooling, relearning, revamping!

According to my tax person...I know I have 2 years to lose money and see what I can do.

Oh man...the ideas are just jumping!

So, you will see a lot of things going on...ideas coming to fruition and some falling on my face.  But, its all good!

But, one of the things I have been told is that I need to make video's to make my virtual business look brick and mortar like.  So, I will be posting videos of what I do and how I do it.

Should be fun!

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