Monday, June 11, 2012

learning to can fresh produce...YES you can!

Several months ago I saw this box on the clearance shelf at WalMart.  It was a simple, easy to learn how to can kit.  It seemed something I could do.  So, I bought it and put it on my shelf for this gardening season.

I pulled it out the other day and thought...damn!  It's time to get this project going!

So, this past weekend...we went down the hill (whenever we leave our little area, it's called going down the hill).  So, while down there...we bought a bunch of produce...with the intention of canning it.

Yes, I was nervous.  But, I figured if it burns my house down...we got good insurance!

So, I did it!

Summer Solstice is the darker jar!
I made some luscious preserves called Summer Solstice.  OMG!  Amazing!  It's a cherry & blueberry thing that is AMAZING!

And I made strawberry preserves.  I can't eat strawberries...and I love them!  But, I have diverticulitis and seeds....they are a killer!  But, my family loves strawberries!

 So, there are a ton of jars of strawberry jam and I also made a single jar of green beabs and another of grape tomatoes.

I hope they all turn out right.  I know the pop of the seal is a noise you want to hear and I heard it every time!

I made a video too about my adventures....but, I have not had time to edit it.

I love trying new things!


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