Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer "NOT" lazy days

I think this is been the craziest, most chaotic summer I've had.

See how it used to be consistent?  Then chaos showed up!
 We started this summer with immediately going to recreation camp for Nash.  And trying to find something for Sophie to do...like babysitting, learning to be a lifeguard. 

Normally my summer is spent getting our parents organization reorganized for the next year, so that we can hit the ground running with our fundraising.  But this summer it seems like everybody is having a summer like me. We've tried twice to organize a meeting we call "Pass the Baton" meeting (a meeting where the old board and the new board meet to pass along info and stuff) twice nobody has been able to attend.

Then I got myself elected as president of professional women's network and have been really thinking about that group and how to take it to the next level!

And I was fortunate to be able to secure a position with the Humane Society of Tuolumne County as their Event Planner, so that is been a very big undertaking.  One, they are not sure how to utilize me since they have always used volunteers.  And two, dealing with any Non-Profit organization is delicate because you are there to help them make money...not make yourself money.

And of course for trying to get our vacation settled.  We had arranged to go to Disneyland but my husband works for the state so that got canceled because of how they are handling the layoffs and cuts to their budget.  So, we've decided to do a little vacation up to Reno and now it's looking like that's getting canceled as well....for the same reasons.

So it seems like the summer is a bunch of plans that are constantly changing and vacations are changing.  Our children are either loving life or not...depending on the moment and who is the one talking at the time.

Sadly...I have lived in chaos and really prefer constant balance.
In my mind...this is what I hoped for...peace!

Honestly after experiencing just a few weeks of summer I'm ready for school to start because then I have a consistent schedule.

Hope your Summer so far is better!

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