Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a life in the day of....

  1. back to lists
  2. I do like them
  3. today was work
  4. second session of Nash's hand therapy assigned by the occupational therapist.
  5. he loves it!
  6. we get to play with playdough, cotton balls, discs, spinning tops, shot things.
  7. he loves it!
  8. had Community Feud to compete to win $5000 for our school.  Did well the first night.
  9. Didn't the second night.
  10. we lost.
  11. but, it was fun!
  12. today...broke the news to those that were supporting us.
  13. better next year!
  14. up last night with Nash
  15. Hope he doesn't get up tonight.
  16. I am tired.
  17. tonight was my 1st night home in days...and not sure when I will be back here.
  18. tomorrow is the Open House & Ice Cream Social.
  19. 2 of my 8th graders have other plans...
  20. so, I will only have 7 kids to serve.
  21. still need to pick up the ice cream & whipped cream
  22. get the toppings ready to dispense.
  23. dinner night out with Lance & Nash.
  24. Round Table.
  25. It cost me over 5 dollars for Nash to play basketball.
  26. you would be amazed how GOOD he is.
  27. also worked a claw machine....and won a ball!  Of course!
  28. Sophie is working the lights for Lip Sync this year.
  29. why cant the teachers say a correct time to pick up kids?
  30. I got there on time...and waited for 20 minutes!
  31. about bed time.

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