Thursday, May 26, 2011

Smart children and weak parents!

Oh.....these days are flying by!

First of son, Nash.  Nash has been in a "special" place for the last couple of weeks.  He has had a bad attitude, bad behavior, arrogant, dismissive.....all of this at the ripe old age of 5.  I have gotten to the point of thinking murder  :)

Last night was the snapping point.  I was trying to watch the last Oprah show...the LAST ONE!  I have said for days...please let me watch the show live...please.  My family knows...I love Oprah!  But, baby....was a poop head!  That rest of the day was ruined.

The madder I got...the more he misbehaved.  Which made me madder...which made him more of a jerk.  Well, you see how this just spiraled out of control!  He ended up not eating dinner because he was busy manipulating the situation...then after we were done announced that now he wants to eat.  Well buddy......STARVE!

I had a long talk in his room...mainly I was very threatening and actually...making promises that I was not able to keep.  Locking him in jail, taking away every toy he loves, torturing Harry (blanket).  Yes....I had gone past the deep end of parental bullshit.  then the boy was off to bed.

Then when I was really looking for an adult to fight with...Lance made a very insensitive comment....and can only guess that I became the best wife & mother on Earth at that moment  :)

With some choice words to my loving husband...I grabbed my iced tea and headed for the computer to be a bitch to just myself  :)  Oh, I stewed pretty good.  I walked out into the living room...looking for more of a fight and found that HE had escaped too!  To his computer!  Now...I am really fit to be tied!

So, I frantically work to calm down  :)

Sophie comes in.  I am calm by now...she has no idea that Lance and I are fighting.  :)  So, after we talk I ask her a question about her brother and how he has been acting lately.  Sophie...the child I love you really want to know what I think????  REALLY????  Why yes...I do.  Please impart on me the information that I am perfect and loving and the best Mom ever...and my son is just a natural born pain.

My daughter...Sophie...the one I adore!  Looked right at me and said are really being a Bitch!  You aren't stupid.  Do you think you are going to win this???

OK....WOW!  Just what I needed!

Sophie went on to say have been blessed with extremely intelligent children and you are have been saying this all along that Nash is way too smart....and I do think, yes...he is smarter than me. 


Now, its all coming back.  When Sophie was this age.  She was the queen of manipulation and making my life miserable.  I had fought her until I was backed so far in a corner that I couldn't get out.

And here I am again.  I am backing myself into a corner when I have a million battles to fight on behalf of my family, their school, my business and the world in general.....and he has only one.  Me  :)

I need to back down and quit.  So, I will try.

I love that Sophie remembers and can

I apologized to her.

I went out to my loving husband...and apologized to him.  And he did the same.  that's what I love about him.  He is easy to talk to when I am done trying to rule everyone in my world  :)

I still believe that a parent should only get one gifted child in a family.  I said a long time ago....I wanted just a normal child...of average intelligence.  But, once again...I didn't.

People that have average children think that a very smart child is nothing but an asset.  But, like everything...excess always comes with a price.

I love my children more than life itself...but, I say this at least weekly....I would like a day of just average!

I hate having to always be a couple of steps ahead of my children and prepare for the next thing they might think of! 

How many of you have gotten a call from the school telling you that your child manipulated a test and tests as dumb as a rock...just because they were bored.

How many of you have a child that refuses to turn in work so that she can maintain a 3.66 GPA?

How many of you have been sitting at the Honors Ceremony watching your child receive her certificate all the while her teacher comes up and tells you that she is NOW flunking school....because she decided that if she is gifted she needs to never do any of the work.

So, my first child Sophie survived and we have learned to deal with her "special"ness.  I don't like it most of the time but I now haw to accept it.  And now...Nash is blazing a trail of his own!

Lance thinks its awesome.  He has always thought that Sophie was amazing!  And his chest swells with pride knowing that Nash is "special" too.  I was seems easier.

But then...I have no idea!

Thanks for reading!

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