Monday, May 28, 2012

Boys...gross & cute!

Nash...Mr. Boy! 

I love this kid.  He will graduate from his second year of kindergarten!  And it was the best thing for him!  He is thriving!  As much as I would love to wring his little neck.  There are things I would like to change but, I think they are here to stay.
  1. Angry Birds.  I hate them but they do motivate good behavior!
  2. Absorbing the bad behavior of the more problem children in his class.
  3. If I had a nickle for every-time I said...please talk like Nash please!
  4. Dirt.....everywhere!
  5. Sophie says it best...he always smells like pee & dirt!
  6. Outdoor peeing!  What is that?????
  7. He will EAT anything off the street or ground...anything!  But, put it on his corn on the cob and he pukes!
  8. Jumping on EVERYTHING!
  9. Spitting!
  10. Using the words....boobies & penis....really?
  11. Everyday...I pack in his lunchbox - peanut butter on white bread sandwich, blueberries, capri sun, Lay's or Cheetos and either pudding or fruit-es!  He is nothing if not consistent!
  12. Licking the bottom of snails.  YES!  Then killing them by smashing them onto the sidewalk.
  13. He is always sweaty!  
  14. He picks me flowers...or weeds or sticks or anything he thinks is pretty. It is very cute!
  15. And now....he collects rocks.  And I keep them in a bowl.
  16. We have been working on him separating from me...and its working!
  17. Burping
  18. Farting
  19. Not using toilet paper.
  20. NOT flushing!
  21. A kiss can fix anything...even the hole he put in his head the other day.
  22. Basketball, bowling, cars & garbage trucks!
But, I wouldn't trade his yummy kisses every night when he tells me good night, I love you...MUH Huh!

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