Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my Boy and his cling-i-ness

Today is day 3 of Nash walking alone from his classroom to the playground before school starts!  I have had to walk him, holding hands all year.  And still his anxiety has been very high.  According to my therapist....I am doing what I need to do.  Scary!  I can see in his eyes that he would be happy holding my hand all the way thru college!

He still asks if he can be home schooled instead of going to school.  This scares me to death!  I would kill that child...or suffocate to death!  There is no way I am prepared to be a home schooling Mom...without an escape.

I have him on a sticker earning program that can be traded in for a prize of his choice.  If he can get 5 stickers....I will take him to WalMart to buy him his latest addiction....Angry Birds!
He adores them!

So, fingers crossed!

After we get to 5 stickers....then I think I am going to extend the program and make him earn 10 stickers before a prize.

Being a Mom...is.....hard!

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