Friday, May 18, 2012

end of the school year...if only

So, my baby boy will finally graduate from kindergarten.  He has had such a wonderful year.  He is so very ready for 1st grade....academically.  Mentally...he really wants to stay with Mrs. Carlon and Satchi.....or, if he could have his wish, homeschooling with Mommy.  Keeping him back was the best thing I could have done. 

But, Nash is ready....and I am ready for this next adventure for him. baby girl.  She keeps announcing that she is almost a Sophomore???  Really?  Where the Hell is the time going???

I am barely ready for her to be in high school...and her 1st year is almost over.

This was a hard year for her.  Big transition from a K-8 school to high school.  Then finding out that there are other things going on for her too.  I am so glad we caught it early.  Depression is not easy to live with.  And being a second generation person with clinical depression made it easier on her....but guilt ridden for me.

But, the days are flying by.....Sophie only has about 2 more weeks of Freshman-land and Nash is done with Kindergarten on June 6th.

I make Sophie go back to 1st grade with Nash.  They could be playmates....they are polar opposites so maybe could inspire the other.

Oh, if only.....

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