Sunday, May 13, 2012

todays Mother's Day

I said...very frankly to my Hubby and children....I don't want presents for Mother's Day.

I just want a day.  A day to sleep in.  A day to not do anything!  A day to walk around in my jammies without questions to my health.  A day where I don't have to cook a meal....or even make a meal for that matter!

Because I have a wonderful family...I got exactly that!

Now...2 nights ago...Hubby was running scared.  He was over thinking what I asked for.  Thinking I was just saying this...and really wanting something more.

Even my daughter came to me and said...does Dad NOT know you???  According to her...I stated very bluntly and plainly what I wanted.  I have never, ever had a problem saying exactly what is on my mind.  But, most men...thought I was being a woman.  Saying one thing...and meaning another.  And if he didn't figure it out...he would be dead.

I assured him...that Sophie was right.  I was not asking a secret, read my mind not my words thing.  I really didn't want anything....but a day of peace!

They let me sleep in with only a slight bed exploration by Nash, my 6 year old.

And then by 8:30am, they had gone to a McDonald's breakfast and stopped and picked up my favorite cake....and pink tulips!  Nash rushed into my bedroom to shower me with gifts...and a ton of kisses!  Sophie came in too to offer up some Momma-love.  Nash gave me the present he made at school...that I did NOT help with at all.  A very cool board that he wrote in paint and glitter...Love U.  It's awesome!

Now...being 6 years old...he did NOT get the leave Mommy alone and let her move around unnoticed.  He wanted to be his Mommy-fied self and drive me crazy all day!  Yes, I get that....that is my boy!  Ever 5 minutes...he was in my face asking to hang out with me.

But, at the end of the day....I have a great Mother's Day.

I have a family who loves me enough to let me have what I want.....jammies, pizza, cake and tulips.....and peace!

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