Thursday, May 3, 2012

My perfect Mother's Day

  • I am too hard to buy for because anything I need...I get myself.
  • I don't let them cook for me...cuz' well, Hubby has served my kids weevils and honestly, I don't plan to eat them again.
  • I take 2 extended weekends to scrapbook retreat a year.
  • I do way too much already.
  • when I spoke to my was always about her and never about me, even when I had no one else to celebrate my Motherhood.
  • I teach an after school art enrichment class and we have been in throws of making presents for their Moms.
  • What I really a day.
A day to sleep in, wear my jammies all day and look ugly.  A day to admire my family and all that I have created.  A day to do whatever I want...without question.  To play in my scrapbook room, to eat cake and pizza and drink diet Pepsi with the thought that one will cancel the others out  :)

This is my perfect Mother's Day and I know...this is what I will have from my Hubby & kids that love me!


Melanie Dickens said...

That sounds like an awesome day. Maybe I could manage one of those too.

Leah aka FFPMaMMa said...

Do own it! Make it happen. It will be worth it.

Jerralea said...

YES! A day to myself sounds marvelous!

Krista said...

That sounds pretty close to my Perfect Mother's Day. I hope you get YOUR day.

visiting you from Mama Kat's WW. Love your blog! It's good to see/read an over 40 mom parenting a little one (I'm 43 with a two year old). I also have older stepchildren, with two getting married this year.