Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My feelings on....Angry Birds

I am not here to judge or be mean about the person(s) that came up with Angry Birds.  Honestly....I think t is so cool what you have done with a game.  The marketing, the different game themes....I am in awe! son LOVES Angry Birds, the game and the little stuffed animals.  I really dislike them both  :)

The game.....
  • the music hurts my spine
  • the birds don't have legs
  • why do the birds hate the pigs?
  • I don't like pigs either after seeing what they are capable of on Criminal Minds...but, why to they have to make them explode?
  • I do like a good baby back rib tho  :)
  • did I say the music?
  • yes, I did...but, I can not say it enough....I hate the music!
  • is there really a drug hiding behind the Angry Birds?
  • maybe it's a male thing...but, it's addictive!
  • even Hubby loves the Angry Birds
The stuffed animals.....
  • my son...owns several of the stuffed Angry Birds
  • they are his friends
  • they are also a motivator to learn how to detach from Mommy
  • because if he learns the correct behavior
  • he earns stickers
  • that can be traded in for Angry Birds, the stuffed kind
  • which have a voice box
  • it's awful!
  • the 1st one already has a damaged voice box
  • it wasn't me
  • but, if I could figure out how to damage the rest
  • it would be me!
So, to the person(s) who invented the Angry Birds.

Congratulations on all of your money and future soft life.  You are what America is all about.  Making something out of nothing....creating a need for something you have made.  Way to go!

I don't hate you for your money.  Or how well you have done.  I am sure your Mom is so very proud of you!  You did well!

But, I hate Angry Birds.  I hate the music.  I hate the stuffed animals.

But, I am sure if it wasn't Angry son would love something else.  But, I will be glad to see Angry Birds go away!

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