Monday, April 11, 2011

a day off....LOL really, never seems like one :)'s Monday!

I started the day oversleeping...not that I didn't need it...'cuz I did.  And only about 10 minutes.  But, those are my 10 minutes I use for beauty.  LOL

My New Year's Resolution this year...was to be more presentable.  Wear make up and dress I look better and feel better.  And it really works!  So, I had to rush.

Getting the troups to realize that have to go to school!

Not Sophie...she loves to go to school!  I usually have to beg her to stay home from school...even when she is sick!

But, Nash....yes, that adorable little face...does not like to go to school!  He is a Momma's boy!

So, I have now had to resort to threatening him with the Police to go to school!  Yes, really!  Then after I have convinced him to go...I have to remind him that he must NOT cry when I drop him off.  HE IS A BIG BOY!  Please no tears today!

So, back to my story.  I wake up late...rush thru the beauty part of my morning.  Get dressed in a presentable way.  Breakfast & coffee for me....breakfast of leftover pancakes for Nash.  Then begging to boy to get dressed.....yes, please wear something other than sweats.  OK.....wear the sweats....but's not raining, please don't wear the rain boots!

Hubbyman announces he wants to come with us this morning because he wants to go to his doctor and see if they will read his MRI before Friday because they are really bugging him to come back to work.

After drinking the LAST drop of my coffee...I start the car to warm up...cuz,'s still pretty cold in the AM.  Go back in the house, start the last load of laundry, take the dog out to pee and get notes from Sophie as to what I am supposed to complain to the principal about at school.

I load everyone in the car...drop hubbyman at the doctors and when he is done...he will hobble back to really is only a stones throw from school..........get to school.  Tell Sophie I love her and walk Nash to class.  But, I always have to stop in the office...see what is going on and say hi.  Sign in and start walking to class.

Nash is always sure we will be late.  We never are!

We are too late to get one of the school yard balls.  hang head!

Finally the bell rings...yard duty blows the whistle...woo hoo...time to line up!

We wait in line for the teacher to come.  She comes and sweetly greets all the kids.  Nash tells her that I have to come in the class.  She looks at me...I look at her.  I walk in class.  I lean over and give Nash 3 kisses on his forehead, one kiss on the lips and 3 hugs.  I ask him if he needs to sit in the rocking chair with a blanket or can he sit on his spot.  He looks at the teacher and announces that he is sick  :)  I love his teacher!  She takes his hand and leads him away with promises of cuddles and special treatment.  I escape!

I go to the principals office for a meeting.  I meet hubbyman in front of the office and ask him if he wants to come in?  He is confused.  I shake my head and go in.  He hobbles in saying yes he will come in but doesn't want to intrude.  It's about our intrusion possible!

Talk go about as good as I thought...and now I have a mission to go forward.

We leave the office and head to the car.  I start making phone calls to see if I work today.  I listen to messages to see how my day is going to go...and YES!  No run today!

I get a day off.

But you see...I don't get real days off.  I own 4 businesses, am co-president of our PTO, have 2 kids in elementary of which is graduating into high school and the other into 1st grade...and have a husband home from work because he is injured and can't drive.


I stop at Starbuck's get me an iced tea and hubbyman a coffee.  Go home and try to work on things.  It's hard with hubbyman trying NOT to be in the way but is.

I did manage to make Nash's new chore list and design 8 new favors for my website.  Was unable to work in my office but was able to get things I needed from my office and work at the dining room table.  Was also able to fill out a couple of applications for school & our PTO and make an amazing pot roast dinner for my step-son and daughter-in-law and adorable grandsons!  Was also able to fold 5 loads of laundry and get it all put away...and not killing the hubbyman today!  Nash made it too!  I think he made it because he was at school this morning.

Also...had a date with hubbyman!  I love him!  But, I will be glad when he goes to work and I can get my life back.

That was my day off.  What is a day off to you????

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